Are you a business professional in the areas of business planning, marketing, retail, and storefront management?

Did you know? Area professionals are invited to coach women enrolled in the Nest Retail Bootcamp program, or may sign-up as a guest speaker and presenter at a public workshop hosted by the Nest Collaborative of Mount Clemens, Michigan.

The Nest Collaborative Mission

The Nest Collaborative is an important organization because women receive the chance to launch, or grow, their product line from a professional retail storefront, while joining up with other women business owners in a safe, and creative environment. The women vendors who come together to sell their wares at the downtown storefront in Mount Clemens, learn from each other, and receive various business tools, and expert coaching they need to open a retail storefront of their own.

Entrepreneurs face many challenges when starting a new business. It can take months, and even years, for new business owners to open their doors. The Nest Collaborative helps women launch their retail line faster by providing professional storefront space where they can display and sell their goods, coupled with educational workshops, to give women the business tools they need to succeed.

Volunteer as a coach or public speaker today.
If you are located in greater Detroit, and would like to volunteer as a coach for women enrolled in the Nest Retail Bootcamp program, or to sign-up as a public speaker at the next workshop, complete the form here or call The Nest Collaborative at (586) 243-0690.