To sell your retail goods at the Mount Clemens storefront, and to participate in the Retail Bootcamp for women entrepreneurs, fill out the vendor application to get started.

Vendor Participation Details

How to Become a Nest Vendor

Storefront Reserved For Eligible Vendors Only

The Nest storefront is available for women accepted into the structured Retail Bootcamp program, and is not a consignment or flea market entity, and does not display goods from outside vendors who are not enrolled in the program.

Vendor Eligibility

To be considered for the Nest Retail Collaborative, an applicant business must be legally registered with the State of Michigan, be women majority owned, and should meet the following criteria:

  • A retail product startup concept, or existing small retail business.
  • A home-based retail business that is ready to transition into a professional downtown storefront space.
  • At least twenty-one (21) years of age to participate in the program.
  • Availability to work the Mount Clemens gift shop and participate fully in the training program.

Education & Retail Training Opportunities

The women incubating at the retail space expect to receive a retail education, develop entrepreneurship skills, make valuable connections, and gain the real-world experiences they need to fly the coop, and establish a retail space of their own!

Admittance Process

The process for becoming a participant at The Nest Retail Collaborative, receiving education, and accessing storefront space at the downtown shop, includes:

  • Complete the application form (see above).
  • Speak with The Nest team to assess your needs, and interest in the program.
  • If accepted into the program, The Nest Agreement is issued and signed. Note that admission to the program is conditional.
  • Women are required to volunteer (as their schedule allows), at the downtown Mount Clemens storefront, where they sell their goods, learn retail management skills, develop business acumen, and assist customers, during the 12 month retail program. 
  • Nesters graduate from The Nest Retail Boot Camp program when the 12 month program ends. Students are graduated from the program at ceremony.
  • If you would like to continue growing your retail business, graduates are eligible to be matched with retail frontage and commercial properties in Mount Clemens, and may be placed in partner shops in the downtown area.
  • Women are encouraged to attend an additional 12 months of free workshops after they graduate, to continue building their business skills and their retail product line.

Participation Cost

Women vendors pay a reduced rent of $200 a month while selling their goods from the downtown storefront. The Nest Collaborative does not take a percentage of sales, which means Nesters keep 100% of profits from their products sold. The Nest is offering a discount program to help women cover the cost of monthly rent. Please contact us to learn more about discounts and eligibility.

Code of Ethics & Vendor Paperwork 

Vendors are required to understand and sign the Code of Ethics agreement, indemnification form, and are encouraged to maintain rental insurance while enrolled at the storefront.

Vendor Commitments

Women participating in The Nest Retail Bootcamp program are required to volunteer at the store, which includes: opening and closing the store; assisting customers; managing inventory; setting up retail displays; tending to emails, phone calls and customer messages; running daily reports; and managing the general cleanliness, and operation of the downtown storefront throughout the year-long incubator program.

Vendor Scheduling Commitment

Staffing the downtown storefront is an important part of the retail education Nesters receive while incubated in this program. Participating in The Nest Retail Bootcamp requires women to volunteer (as their schedule allows), at the downtown storefront throughout their year long participation.  The schedule is issued by management the first day of every month, with assigned opening and closing shifts for all cohort participants. The schedule is issued every other week and vendors receive 2 weeks notice for the new schedule. The schedule takes into account any days off requested by vendors, and includes shifts for each program participant.

Opportunity To Sell Seasonal Products Year-Round

Vendors are encouraged to provide seasonal merchandise during scheduled store turn-overs, during which, last season’s stock is removed, and new seasonal inventory is brought into the store and displayed. The store is also decorated for the new season. Five product refreshments are scheduled per year, which coincides with both seasonal, and shopping events, schedule for the Mount Clemens downtown.  Vendors are encouraged to attend seasonal sales at the storefront in order to sell their products, promote their business, and meet new customers.  

Vendor Training Commitment

When selected to participate as a Nest vendor, applicants are required to attend a one-time sale associate training session, where you will learn how to work the cash register, customer etiquette and protocol, the inventory system, and more. 

Vendors Attend Free Workshops & Macomb County Chamber of Commerce Events

Tenants participating in The Nest Retail Collaborative receive free tickets to a variety of business development workshops hosted every 60 days in downtown Mount Clemens. Topics to be covered include business planing, marketing, website design, budgets and financials, e-commerce, social media, and more. 

Women enrolled in The Nest Collaborative program also receive free access to a monthly retail bootcamp meeting with other women incubating in the program, and receive a free membership benefits with the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce, with their year-long incubation in the program.